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    simply walking


    thinking to myself

    as I walk along the street 

    people going places

    I wonder where in such a hurry

    so many people walking in the street

    I need to often look at my feet

    to make sure I´m still alive

    and then suddenly someone smiles at me

    makes me so happy....... someone actually sees me


    and then I feel the sun on my face

    it feels so good

    leaving me a lasting trace

    I decide to walk to the beach

    just to sit on the sand

    and be a little out of reach

    from so many people

    and traffic in the city

    now looking at the calm sea

    watching the seagulls flying overhead

    it´s so nice to be part of this

    the cool sand as I dig my feet in

    inhaling the fresh sea breeze 

    as I get up to walk in the water

    leaving footprints as I walk

    simply walking

    thinking to myself

    another day to live and love

    feeling the sun high above

    i´m so hungry

    feel like eating grilled sardines

    with a few drops of lemon 


    enjoy this song "walking on sunshine" by katrina and the waves































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